Welcome to Fitzwilliam Primary

Fitzwilliam Primary School is proud to be part of the Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust (IPMAT). Most of our pupils live in Fitzwilliam but we also welcome children from the surrounding areas.

The school grounds consist of separate Early Years Foundation Stage indoor and outdoor provision, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 outdoor playgrounds, an extensive playing field and a large forest school and den building area. The large school field hosts an outdoor reading and writing shed, tyre park and a trim trail.

We pride ourselves on providing an exciting and enriched curriculum for our pupils, including visits and visitors to extend their experiences and enable them to know more, understand more and remember more. We aim to work together collaboratively with parents and carers and there are a number of events throughout the year for parents and carers to experience learning in action.

Interwoven throughout our curriculum and ethos, are our core values that allow children to develop an understanding of themselves, appreciate the impact they have on other people and on the world in which they live and become respectful and responsible members of the modern global community. Additionally, we endeavour to support children’s development of resilience which will enable them to be prepared for the next phases of their learning journey and overcome the challenges they will face in their lives.

Each week we focus on a different core value and share these in our assemblies, in our classrooms and around the school. Where children are seen demonstrating these values, they are recognised which encourages them to share and celebrate their efforts and achievements.

Fitzwilliam Primary is proud to work with West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield Council as an Operation Encompass School. Please click on link for more information. https://www.operationencompass.org.

What Others Say About Our School

β€œThe school sits at the heart of the community. β€˜Working and growing together’ is their aim. This is consistently promoted, as are British values, which helps pupils to be responsible, fair members of society.” OFSTED

β€œLeaders are ambitious for what pupils can achieve. They want every pupil to be the best they can be. All staff have high expectations for behaviour. Pupils respond well. They are well behaved, polite and friendly.” OFSTED

β€œPupils are proud to come to this school. Pupils say they feel safe and are happy. They say bullying is not an issue in their school.Β  They know that trusted adults will support them if they ever have any worries.” OFSTED

β€œWe also appreciate how hard school staff have been working to keep children in education and to ensure a smooth transition back into school. I think you have all shown how resilient you all are too!” Parent

β€œI really appreciate all the support the school have given.” Parent

'Working and growing together'