Pupil Responsibility

Here at Fitzwilliam Primary School, we strive to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to undertake positions of trust and responsibility, as we believe that children understand values by seeing them in action from others. It is our firm belief that all pupils have the potential to become young leaders and we work hard to foster that potential through exposing pupils to these roles throughout their time at primary school.

School Councillors

Year 1 –


Year 2 –


Year 3 – Esme and Jacob


Year 4 – Billy and Kaydan


Year 5 –


Year 6 – Kai and Solice


Our School Council have an important role to play in ensuring that the voice of the pupils is heard and their views are used to help shape the improvement of school.  In recent years, the School Council has helped to improve:

  • School dinners
  • Playtime and lunchtime behaviour
  • Pupil toilets


Subject Ambassadors

Art                          –

Computing              –

D.T                         –

English                   –

Geography              –

History                    –

M.F.L                     –

Mathematics           –

Music                     –

P.E                         –

P.S.H.E and R.S.E  –

R.E                         –

Science                  –

Our Subject Ambassadors help to promote the subjects they are associated with and play a part in the monitoring of subjects too.  They work alongside, and under instruction of, the subject leaders to help drive their subjects forwards in school.