The Department for Education has developed a Wellbeing Charter for all staff working within education settings in England and sets out the commitments to protect and promote the wellbeing of education staff. 

At Inspire we recognise the value of promoting wellbeing across all of our academies and have signed up to the charter.  


However, as a trust, we go want to go further than this, and have set up a working party to support well-being across the Trust and to develop our own Well-being charter which will go above and beyond the DfE charter. 


We are also committed to reducing workload for our staff. We have started to develop our own Trust curriculum complete with resources to reduce the time teachers need to spend on planning and also allow our teachers to take their PPA time at home. We are driving down unnecessary paperwork and tasks across our Trust to support staff further. 

We carry out two staff well-being surveys every year and act on feedback – we value the opinions and ideas we get from our staff team. 

We held our first Trust wide conference in May 2023 bringing staff from across the Trust to celebrate our achievements and this is now planned to be an annual event.