Behaviour at Fitzwilliam

Our Learning Mentor is Miss C Lucas- she works with families and children who need extra support and can also signpost external services.

All of our pupils are expected to behave positively and appropriately to make a positive contribution towards the culture we want in place at Fitzwilliam Primary School.

It is our shared belief that both staff and pupils have the right to work in an environment that is safe, calm, and fair.  It is the role of school leaders, teachers, support staff, non-teaching staff and pupils to work together to achieve this goal through a consistent and transparent culture.

At Fitzwilliam, we follow the Fitzwilliam Five:

  1. Be Kind
  2. Be Safe
  3. Be Polite
  4. Aim high
  5. Never give up


To achieve high expectations of behaviour across the school, positive behaviour is recognised and rewarded in a range of different ways across school and during the school day, week and term. We even have our own reward shop!