Parent Partnership

Developing strength in parent partnership.

Here at Fitzwilliam Primary School, parental participation in school life is valued greatly and we recognise the positive impact parents have on the children’s attitudes towards their learning. We believe that parents / carers and staff working together in partnership is essential to a child’s individual needs being fully met.

We plan a number of activities and events throughout the year when parents / carers are invited into school to work with their children, to share their views about school and contribute to further improvement and to offer support and guidance regarding their child’s education, safety and wellbeing.  These are detailed below:

Open Door Policy

At Fitzwilliam Primary School, we promote an open door policy to encourage parents and carers to be involved within the school community.

In addition to parents’ consultation evenings, we promote a positive relationship between school staff and parents and therefore invite parents into school to discuss their child.

In order to maintain the smooth timings of the school day, we ask that parents/carers contact the school office on 01977 624490 or via email to to request a call back or an appointment with your child’s class teacher.

Meet The Teacher Meetings

Each class has a ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting at the start of each academic year which provides parents / carers with an opportunity to meet the staff teaching their children.

Within these meetings, focus is placed on:

  • Class rules
  • The curriculum taught to this year group Organisation including planned
  • Educational Visits
  • PE days
  • Homework expectations
  • Introduction to key members of staff
  • Information about upcoming formal assessments
  • Other key information for that specific year group

Inspire Events

Each year at Fitzwilliam Primary School, Inspire events are held in every year group. These have proved to be a huge success with staff, children and parents thoroughly enjoying them.

Teachers plan the Inspire events around all areas of the curriculum to engage children in all subjects taught in school.

Events are planned in advance and are shared on our school newsletter with the dates for your diary.

Helping Your Child At Home

Every academic year, we hold core subject workshops for parents/carers to attend across school. The sessions are focused around reading and mathematics core skills and ways in which parents/carers can support pupils whilst learning at home.

Our English Leader is Mr P Yeadon, our Early Reading and Phonics Leader is Mr T Downes and our Maths Leader is Miss S Crossley all of whom would be happy to discuss ways in which parents/carers can support pupils whilst at home. Please contact the academy office to request a telephone appointment.

Parent Consultation Meetings

Parent consultation meetings are held in the autumn and spring term at Fitzwilliam Primary School. Parent meetings are a great opportunity for class teachers to share information about how your child is progressing at school, their development and targets in order to achieve their full potential.

We strongly encourage all parents / carers to attend these meetings in order to raise the importance of schooling to children and to allow parents / carers to understand how to best support children whilst at home.

Teachers send out individual child’s school reports in the summer term ready for the children to transition to their next stage of education.

We have also introduced half termly progress reports after parent feedback to ensure you always feel informed about how your chid is doing at school.


FEET (Families Enjoying Everything Together) is organised by Mr T Downes, Foundation Stage Manager, for children to attend in the term before they start Nursery. Parents / carers are also invited to be part of this group.

Annual Parent Questionnaire

The Annual Parent Questionnaire enables school to actively seek parents views about what we do well and also what we need to do to improve further.

Parents and Friends Group

At Fitzwilliam Primary School, we have a small parents and friends group who dedicate valuable time and effort to try to organise a range of different events throughout the year in order to raise the community spirit and fundraise to further enhance our school.

If you are interested in being part of the Parents and Friends Group, please contact the school office on 01977 624490 or e:mail

Thank you for your ongoing support!

If you have any ideas or suggestions about other ways in which we can work together, please feel free to share them with us.

Should you wish to find out any further information about our school or curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher, who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Wakefield Families Together

Wakefield Families Together brings services together, so that it’s easier for you to find and access the support you need, at the earliest opportunity.

We want children, young people, and families to tell us they are happy, healthy, and safe. Wakefield Families Together are about working on your behalf so that if you have a concern about your child or family member, you only need to have one conversation with us, and we can direct you to the right support. You can access this support through your child’s school, family hub, or in the local community.

To help us localise how we work with families across the Wakefield district, we have grouped our teams and partner organisations into six community ‘cluster’ areas, with nine family hubs and three Youth Hubs. You can find your local Family Hub or Youth on the Wakefield Families Together website here: Family Hubs – Wakefield Families Together and here: Youth Hubs – Wakefield Families Together