Vision & Values

 ‘Working and growing together’


  • strengthen community spirit
  • nurture children’s growth
  • achieve our potential
  • inspire brighter futures

We are respectful because we are tolerant and kind;

We are responsible because we are honest and reflective;

We value recognition because we show appreciation and take pride in all we do;

We are resilient because we show perseverance and value our own self-worth.

These values are threaded through everything we do each day to help nurture our children to reach their potential and to become responsible, fair and active members of a modern, global community.  At Fitzwilliam Primary School, we:

  • have the achievement and well-being of our pupils at the heart of everything we do;
  • have the aspirational belief that all children will achieve excellence and develop a love of learning to take with the through the rest of their lives;
  • create a learning environment where children are confident to take risks;
  • nurture our children to become responsible, fair and active members of the modern global community;
  • offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences, in and out of the classroom to develop and inspire our pupils as young learners;
  • encourage and enable pupils to foster a range of positive attributes, skills and attitudes to prepare them for a rapidly changing world beyond school.