Welcome to Upper Foundation Stage

At Fitzwilliam Primary School we are proud to offer a safe and nurturing environment where children are happy, confident and motivated to achieve their very best.

Trusting relationships are quickly formed to ensure children and parents feel supported and part of our committed team. Our aim is to provide excellent, high quality education and enabling children to become resilient and aspirational individuals. Our local community shapes our vision and we strive to work together effectively. Partnerships with parents and carers are important to us with communication being the key to success.

Through careful and thoughtful planning, based on our knowledge of individual children, we offer a wide variety of enjoyable activities and key learning experiences. However, much learning derives from spontaneity and children’s own interests. We are a team of committed and passionate professionals who care about individual needs and have the child’s voice at the heart of everything we do.

We guide children to be independent, enthusiastic and inquisitive, to initiate their own learning, both in and outdoors, and thrive through our enriched curriculum. Adults support children as appropriate, providing and enhancing rich experiences, extending learning and capturing magical moments.

The learning opportunities we all share in creating broaden knowledge, spark imagination and create awe and wonder moments. We believe in an early years curriculum that not only teaches new skills but provides children with long lasting memories. When it comes to learning, we want children to be enthusiastic and ask for more.

Early language, reading and a love of books are at the heart of and drive our curriculum. We explore new words daily and provide our children with a vocabulary rich environment. Key skills, including phonics and maths, are taught discretely on a daily basis, as well as being embedded into all areas of continuous provision. The seven areas of learning are carefully planned for, ensuring our environment offers a rich range of cross curricular opportunities.

While learning through play, our children use a range of accessible resources; some of which offer familiarity, many creating challenge and some enhanced to promote current learning. Our areas of provision promote communication, independence, collaboration and leadership, and characteristics of effective learning such as negotiating, persevering and resilience.

Strong values underpin our ethos and daily practice, which ensure mutual respect and high expectations for all. Through regular routines and consistent approaches, our children know what to expect and enthusiastic to explore new experiences. Together we agree our expectations and work collaboratively to make sure our learning environment is calm and organised.

At Fitzwilliam Primary School, our aim is to give children the best possible education. We care about the finer details; the whole child, individuality and different styles of learning. Children make progress and achieve well because we believe that anything is possible.