Essential Information

Class β€œbubble” Start time Finish time Which door do they use?
Year 6 9.05 am 3.25 pm Year 6 cloakroom entrance
Year 5 9.05 am 3.25 pm Year 5 fire door (opposite the pond area)
Year 4 8.55 am 3.15 pm Year 4 cloakroom entrance
Year 3 8.55 am 3.15 pm Through the front entrance
Year 2 8.45 am 3.05 pm Through the front entrance
Year 1 8.45 am 3.05 pm Year 1 cloakroom entrance
Reception & Nursery (all day) 8.45 am 3.05 pm EY entrance
Nursery (morning only) 8.45am 11.45am EY entrance


The links below for essential information to help prepare for the return to school.

Flowchart – If Your Child Displays Symptoms

When you ring up to let us know that your child has a cough, we will ask you:Β  “has your child been coughing for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours”.Β 
This is the definition of a new, continuous cough as defined by

'Being back at school is fun!' - Reception Child

'School is brilliant! I get to catch up with my friends' - Y6 Child

Some comments from the children who have returned since June 1st.