Religious Education Statement

The RE Subject Leader is: Mrs Sarah Jones 

It is our intent for the Religious Education element of our school curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions, explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions and develop a more rigorous understanding of the numerous religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society. We want them to know how religious education promotes discernment and enables pupils to combat prejudice, preparing them for adult life, employment and life-long learning.

 Religious Education in the curriculum

  • We plan using Wakefield Agreed Syllabus.
  • We enhance the curriculum using progression grids.
  • Subject Progression grids are used to develop long term planning.
  • Teachers use the long term planning to plan units of work and deliver individual lessons.

Please see school’s RE documents below including: RE intent, implication and impact statement, RE Policy, RE Progression Grids, RE Scheme of Work, and School development plan.